Our Mission

Fundraise and/or collaborate with other organizations to promote better quality of life focusing on:

      • Spreading Awareness of Breast Cancer

      • Fundraise and support organizations that feed the hungry

      • Making a difference by supporting the "no child left behind" philosophy

      • Support causes that promote healthy livestyle

Our Founding Members

Monica Chaudhari

I joined the Gulabis Foundation because I love being with the strong, noble and powerful founding women. It allows me to leverage my voice, experience and network to support good causes championed by the Foundation.

Komal Date

Many of us struggle to find ways to pay it forward, and contribute to our community. In Gulabis I found the passion and drive to give back and do something good for the society. I'm fortunate to be part of a sisterhood bound by common values, positive energy and zest to help people.

Laveena Gole

The loss of three close friends to cancer made me realize that I need to act to make a change. 8 years ago I did the Avon walk with my Gulabi friends.While I participated in four breast cancer walks, I realized I was good at achieving my fundraising goals. Giving back is a social responsibility which I take very seriously.

Sharmila Jog

Growing up, I saw firsthand how girls had to quit school and help parents earn a living. While I did an Avon walk as part of Gulabis I concurred with their core values to support and uplift people in need. While my passion is to support education, I also want to uplift people, and make them realize that anything is possible!

Harini Krishnapuram

At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or what you have accomplished, it’s about who you have supported. As I look back on my life accomplishments and struggles, I feel it's time to give back and help those in need, and hope to create opportunities for the future generation.

Vinita Kumar

For me, empathy is more than just a feeling. It is about action and doing my part to make this world a better place. This foundation empowers me to do just that. I am proud to serve communities near and far along with the “GULABIS” - women who are Giving, Unwavering, Loving, Apt, Bold, Impactful and Strong.

Sita Rani

Our world can always benefit from more kindness and empathy. I believe that even a small act of kindness can make a big difference to someone. I’m proud to be part of this sisterhood who believe in empowering and uplifting people.

Contact us:

Laveena Gole, President president@gulabis.org

Harini Krishnapuram, Vice President vicepresident@gulabis.org

Monica Chaudhari, Secretary secretary@gulabis.org

Sita Rani, Treasurer treasurer@gulabis.org

Vinita Kumar, Membership membership@gulabis.org

Komal Date, Founding Member

Sharmila Jog, Causes & Fundraising causes@gulabis.org